Send gifts with PSILY

When you login to your account you see that there is a shop integrated in the system. From now on your Gifts delivered after you passed away. Costumers buy a gift in the shop and they determine when they want these gifts to be delivered after they passed away. When a costumer  knows that they will not be able to be present at their daughters or sons wedding, they can make sure that flowers will be delivered. Have the system send a nice gift for a baby that will be born after you are no longer with us. With PSILY you have the option to make a beautiful event a bit more beautiful.


At this stage only a few products are visual in the shop  when a costumer send gifts with PSILY, we will expand our products over the next year. If a costumers has any suggestions or is searching for a particular product please contact PSILY and we will see if we can help.

If a date is not known for the occasion you are buying a gift for, the system will find out this date in the future by contacting your trusted buddy or the person who the date is for if contact information is available. PSILY will make sure in any way possible that the gift will be delivered at the agreed moment. Gifts delivered after you passed away


Message with the gift

Of course it is possible to enter a message that a costumer wants to add to the gift that is being send. During the process of buying a gift in the shop you can add a message and PSILY will make sure the message gets delivered together with the gift.

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