P.S. I Love You

Who did not see the movie P.S. I Love You? A beautiful emotional romantic movie regarding love, death and saying good bye. PSILY is a system based on this beautiful movie P.S. I Love You. Leave messages behind for the people you love and set a date or occasion when they must be delivered. Are your children still to young to realize whats happening, with PSILY u can explain yourself what your vision about life and how you would deal with certain situations.

Video Messages

Record unlimited video messages and determine when you, as a costumer want the system to deliver them to the specified person you love. You just set a date or occasion in the system and the system will do the rest if your account is activated. Is recording video messages not the way you want to communicate than just write letters and add pictures.

Specific occasion

When a date for a specific occasion is not clear yet (for example the wedding date of a child that is only 8 years old today), as a costumer you just set this occasion. Your trusted buddies will enter the contact details of this child later in life when these are available. The system will remind them over the years just to make sure the system receives this information once it is available. You can find out more about our system if you click here.


Send gifts

With P.S. I Love you a costumer can send gifts to a loved one after he or she passed away. It is possible to go to the shop in the system dashboard and buy a gift that will be delivered in the future on a specified date or occasion. This way it is possible for costumers of PSILY to be present ion a certain way on the wedding of their children while they know they will no longer be around by the time this occasion happens.

With PSILY you can also plan your funeral. Record what you want in a video message or write down how you see your funeral and make sure this is the first message that gets delivered to one of your trustees.

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