Make a will for free

Make a will for free, create your own will and testament a free last will and testament blank forms you find here. You have to question yourself what the purpose is to make a will online for free. In most cases this will is not legal unless its powered by a notary. Check what the law says in your country on this subject before making the mistake of trusting your will is legal while it isn’t.

When its not important if your will is legal you can also choose to record a video message with Psily where you explain your last will for free. Make a will for free with PSILY.com, this way you create your own will and testament in a video message. This message will be delivered richt after you passed away to the people you want to send it to. You preset the receivers and PSILY will do the rest. Do you want to find out how it works? Click here.

Free last will and testament blank forms you will find on the internet for sure but make sure the purpose of your will a legal one or if its just to arrange a funeral. With the P.S. I Love You system you can leave messages to the people you love. You can choose text or video messages. In case you want a will as a PDF document you can also upload files to you PSILY account and these files will be delivered after you passed away. With the PSILY system you choose up to 3 trusted buddies and these will be notified when you no longer respond to the PSILY system. Read more.


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