When the end is approaching a lot of people chose to go to a Hospice fro their final weeks. Most hospices are a very nice place were patients can take their rest and share their last day’s with the people the love and who are valuable to them. Every person that have ever witnessed somebody in their final stage will agree that conversations change. Things that seemed important during a daily routine are not important anymore. In a hospice people look back on their life and evaluate. The feedback that PSILY received in the past is that in this time of rest people like to correct the things that went wrong in life as much as possible. This is not always easy. Sometimes there is no time left or  a person doesn’t want to communicate anymore etc. This is when PSILY becomes an outcome. Create an account and start recording messages and PSILY will make sure they end up at the right person after you passed away.

Passing away while you have young kids

Life is not fair, many people have to leave while they have young children. During this time in a hospice you realize more and more that there are a lot of important moments to come in your children’s life where you are not going to be around to give advise or to tell them how happy you are for them. With PSILY you have the opportunity to be a part of the important moments of you kids life even if you are no longer around. In a hospice during the day there usually is a lot of time. Use that time to record messages for your children for important occasions in the future. Think of their wedding or the first time they become a parent etc..

Do you want to know how PSILY knows when these specific occasions take place click here.

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