Funeral planning services

Funeral planning services or a funeral service program, important that the people you leave behind  know what you want when it comes down to your funeral or your cremation. Your funeral pre planning starts here at PSILY, create an account and make sure the people you love know what your last wishes are.  Funeral plans for under 50s always seem a bit different from plans when people are older. When people are young they have a different look on how there funeral has to be organized.

In the PSILY system you choose a person or a few persons as your trustees, once that’s done you record a video message or multiple video messages that will be delivered to them once you passed away. In these messages you can explain in detail how you want your funeral to be organized. Ofcourse you can also add a document that explains the whole process. If you want you can also create a budget for your funeral and upload this money to the system, this money becomes available to your trustees as soon as you passed away so they can pay for the whole funeral.

Most funeral planning services you find do not work with video. From the point of view of PSILY a funeral service program is a lot more personal with a video message. Funeral pre planning makes the whole process a lot easier for the people you leave behind, especially funeral plans for under 50s help the people you leave behind. As you can imagine this at very emotional moments after a person passes away it helps when they don’t have to think on how you would have wanted your funeral. Besides funeral pre planning there is a lot more you can do with the PSILY system, you can leave as many messages as you want that will be delivered to the people you love at the pre set date or occasion you set in the system when you create this message. Even if this is 10 years from now the system will deliver this message at this exact date.  Read more about the PSILY system by clicking here.

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