Farewell message

Farewell message, saying goodbye to the people you love after you passed away. With PSILY this is possible. Here you can record video messages or write text messages and these shall be delivered at the date you enter along with the message. This can be right after your passing or somewhere later in the future. You chose when.

Psily is a system where you can not leave only a farewell message, you can leave as many messages as you want for several occasions. You chose the date or specific occasion and here at P.S. I Love you, we make sure they get delivered. Want to know how? Click here


Saying goodbye

In most cases all people around you know that you love them but a lot of people never say it. Make sure that you have messages in our system saying to the people that you love that you love them to just in case anything happens and you are no longer around to say it yourself.

Saying goodbye can also mean that you make sure some pratical things are clear, like if you own a company adn only you know where to find what information or how to acces certain accounts etc etc. With PSILY you can make sure that all important information is delivered even when you get into a situation where there is no time left to tell it in real life.


Be a part of the future while you passed away

With PSILY you can be a part of the future while you are no longer around. You can buy gifts in the system dashboard and these will be delivered at the date or occasion you set. You can deliver a message at your kids wedding are when a child is being born. Find out how its possible by clicking here.



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