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How does the system receive dates of specific occasions?

When you have recorded messages for occasions where the dates are not know for yet the system will put these occasions as questions in the system at the account that you person who this message is for creates an account. The moment your account gets activated all people that will receive messages in the future will receive an email with the request to create an account. If the receiver is to young your trusted buddy can enter an email address for this person by the time this person reaches the age to understand this system. Also your trusted buddy can enter dates by specific occasions once these dates are known. The system will send reminders to receive these dates to make sure they get delivered.

How does my account get activated?

On creating an account the system asks you how often you want the system to check if you are still here. When the system performs this check it will send an email with a link that you need to click so the system knows you are still here. If this link does not get clicked anymore the system will contact your trusted buddies to see if your account needs to be activated. Your trusted buddies can also manually activate your account.

What is a trusted buddy?

A trusted buddy is chosen by you when you create an account. You can add more then 1 trusted buddy. On the moment the account is created the system will send a message to the trusted buddy and will ask if this person is open to fulfill this task. Once you no longer respond to the system the system will get in contact with your trusted buddies if the account needs to be activated.

For who is PSILY?

PSILY is a system build for everybody that wants to leave messages to the people they love. These messages will be delivered after you passed away on the specified date or occasion.

With PSILY the people you love can keep memories alive of you in this system. You can share your thoughts with them at the moment you want to share these thoughts. For example if you want to give advice regarding being a father or a mother you can deliver this on the day a child is brought in to this world.


There are a million reasons why people chose to leave messages with PSILY. If you know that your time is ending on this planet and you have young children you might have messages you would like to tell them once they are older. It could be that you have messages to the future new partner of your spouse etc.

How safe is PSILY?

PSILY is very strict regarding safety. All our servers are hosted with Amazon and we have SSL certificates. The system is built in a way that only the person where the message is for can view the message. PSILY will put in all required effort to make sure all your personal information and messages are safe.

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