Dying of cancer

Dying of cancer especially when a person is young is one of the most unfair things life offers. Millions of people die every year due to the effects of cancer before they reach their 45th birthday. When a mother is dying of cancer this is even worse. Read a dying of cancer blog or listen to songs about dying of cancer. Leaving behind young children must be one of the most difficult things a mother can imagine. Yet this happens every day. See what PSILY can do to make sure you can give certain advise to your children once they reach a stage in life where you know you will not be around to see it. Click here


Dying of cancer blog

When people have to face the fact of losing their fight to cancer a big help can be a dying of cancer blog. Here you find a lot of people that went thru the same fight and it can be inspiring.  Having cancer doesn’t mean you have to stop living. See what other people did to find back value in life.



Songs about dying of cancer

A lot of people find a lot of strength in music, songs about dying of cancer can help you be strong.  People have found comfort in music as long as they are on this planet. With PSILY you can record in a message for your trusted buddy what kind of music you would like to have at your funeral. With P.S. I Love you it is possible that you tell your daughter what kind of song you think she should start her first wedding dance on so you are a bit part of this important moment in her life. With PSILY you can leave messages to loved ones and these will be delivered after you passed away at the dat or occasion you added to this message.


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