Paying for funeral in advance

Pre paid funeral plans for under 50s, prepaid funeral plans age concern or paying for funeral in advance. When the end is approaching people start thinking on how they want their funeral arranged. They realize that once the end is there they don’t want to leave this to the people they love because they realize that it is hard as it is. There are several ways you can plan  a funeral in advance. Do you want to prepay your funeral? there are several pre paid funeral plans for under 50s, prepaid funeral plans age concern or paying for funeral in advance.

It starts by having clear how you want your funeral. What kind of music, who needs to be there and who not. What is your budget for a funeral. When these things are clear to you the next thing you can do is create an account in the PSILY system. During this process you need to choose 1 up 3 trustees. Once these accepted the task of being your trustee you can leave them a message, video or text message and in this message you can tell exactly how you want your funeral. Once this is done you can add your budget to the system and this becomes available to your trustees once you passed away. Paying for funeral in advance will be a relief for the people you leave behind because its a big expense. Pre paid funeral plans for under 50s need a bigger budget because there are more people involved once a person is young.

Once you created an account you see that you can leave all kinds of messages to as many people you want. You can buy gifts or record video messages and these gifts or messages will be delivered on the date you want it delivered after you passed away. This can also be several years after you passed away. For more information click here.


Funeral planning services

Funeral planning services or a funeral service program, important that the people you leave behind  know what you want when it comes down to your funeral or your cremation. Your funeral pre planning starts here at PSILY, create an account and make sure the people you love know what your last wishes are.  Funeral plans for under 50s always seem a bit different from plans when people are older. When people are young they have a different look on how there funeral has to be organized.

In the PSILY system you choose a person or a few persons as your trustees, once that’s done you record a video message or multiple video messages that will be delivered to them once you passed away. In these messages you can explain in detail how you want your funeral to be organized. Ofcourse you can also add a document that explains the whole process. If you want you can also create a budget for your funeral and upload this money to the system, this money becomes available to your trustees as soon as you passed away so they can pay for the whole funeral.

Most funeral planning services you find do not work with video. From the point of view of PSILY a funeral service program is a lot more personal with a video message. Funeral pre planning makes the whole process a lot easier for the people you leave behind, especially funeral plans for under 50s help the people you leave behind. As you can imagine this at very emotional moments after a person passes away it helps when they don’t have to think on how you would have wanted your funeral. Besides funeral pre planning there is a lot more you can do with the PSILY system, you can leave as many messages as you want that will be delivered to the people you love at the pre set date or occasion you set in the system when you create this message. Even if this is 10 years from now the system will deliver this message at this exact date.  Read more about the PSILY system by clicking here.

Brain tumor headaches

Brain tumor headaches, signs of brain tumor, signs of brain cancer. Having a brain tumor is one of the most unfair things a person can be confronted with. Having brain tumor headaches keeps reminding a patient all the time of this diagnose.  It doesn’t mean that having a lot of headaches means you have a tumor. The signs of brain cancer or the signs of brain tumor are described here

Confronted with a terrible scenario makes a person think about his life and on the possibility of having to say goodbye to the people you love. In most cases we all say to the people around us that we love them but for a lot of people this is a very hard thing to do. Make sure that you record video messages saying how much you love the people around you and these will be delivered after you passed away. A lot of people are confronted with terrible diagnosis after signs of brain tumor, signs of brain cancer but but also when you are perfectly healthy every day we risk dying at a young age by getting out on the street, in a car or any other way of normal life. Did you know that millions of people do not life to be 45 years old every year.

If you want to know more about PSILY and our system please take you time and have a look at our system. A can start with a free account and see if its something for you. PSILY is based on the movie P.S. I Love you. If you have seen this movie you will understand the PSILY system. For more information click here.

Make a will for free

Make a will for free, create your own will and testament a free last will and testament blank forms you find here. You have to question yourself what the purpose is to make a will online for free. In most cases this will is not legal unless its powered by a notary. Check what the law says in your country on this subject before making the mistake of trusting your will is legal while it isn’t.

When its not important if your will is legal you can also choose to record a video message with Psily where you explain your last will for free. Make a will for free with, this way you create your own will and testament in a video message. This message will be delivered richt after you passed away to the people you want to send it to. You preset the receivers and PSILY will do the rest. Do you want to find out how it works? Click here.

Free last will and testament blank forms you will find on the internet for sure but make sure the purpose of your will a legal one or if its just to arrange a funeral. With the P.S. I Love You system you can leave messages to the people you love. You can choose text or video messages. In case you want a will as a PDF document you can also upload files to you PSILY account and these files will be delivered after you passed away. With the PSILY system you choose up to 3 trusted buddies and these will be notified when you no longer respond to the PSILY system. Read more.


Until we meet again quotes

Until we meet again quotes, farewell message to a friend, life is not fare! How do you say goodbye to a good friend when you have to leave this world. It’s even worse if you have to farewell to you kids while they are still young. What will they remember when they grow older? How do you keep the memories of you alive? When life ends there is also so much more you want to say. Letting go is the most difficult process we have to learn.

With PSILY you can write or record messages for the people you love and you set when you want the messages delivered. This can be right after you pass away or this is somewhere later in life. When you know that you will not live to see you children getting married with you have the ability to record a video message and to tell them how happy you are for them that they reached this beautiful stage in life.

A farewell message to a friend is something people never think of while a;ll goes well in life. When you are confronted with some terrible disease and you are forced to say goodbye you notice that you never thought on how to do this.  Record messages with P.S. I Love you and surprise you friend over the next 20 years with a message regarding how important he is for you.  No until we meet again quotes but show up every 2 or 3 years in a new video message telling him not to forget you. Find out how by clicking here.

Dying of cancer

Dying of cancer especially when a person is young is one of the most unfair things life offers. Millions of people die every year due to the effects of cancer before they reach their 45th birthday. When a mother is dying of cancer this is even worse. Read a dying of cancer blog or listen to songs about dying of cancer. Leaving behind young children must be one of the most difficult things a mother can imagine. Yet this happens every day. See what PSILY can do to make sure you can give certain advise to your children once they reach a stage in life where you know you will not be around to see it. Click here


Dying of cancer blog

When people have to face the fact of losing their fight to cancer a big help can be a dying of cancer blog. Here you find a lot of people that went thru the same fight and it can be inspiring.  Having cancer doesn’t mean you have to stop living. See what other people did to find back value in life.



Songs about dying of cancer

A lot of people find a lot of strength in music, songs about dying of cancer can help you be strong.  People have found comfort in music as long as they are on this planet. With PSILY you can record in a message for your trusted buddy what kind of music you would like to have at your funeral. With P.S. I Love you it is possible that you tell your daughter what kind of song you think she should start her first wedding dance on so you are a bit part of this important moment in her life. With PSILY you can leave messages to loved ones and these will be delivered after you passed away at the dat or occasion you added to this message.


Farewell message

Farewell message, saying goodbye to the people you love after you passed away. With PSILY this is possible. Here you can record video messages or write text messages and these shall be delivered at the date you enter along with the message. This can be right after your passing or somewhere later in the future. You chose when.

Psily is a system where you can not leave only a farewell message, you can leave as many messages as you want for several occasions. You chose the date or specific occasion and here at P.S. I Love you, we make sure they get delivered. Want to know how? Click here


Saying goodbye

In most cases all people around you know that you love them but a lot of people never say it. Make sure that you have messages in our system saying to the people that you love that you love them to just in case anything happens and you are no longer around to say it yourself.

Saying goodbye can also mean that you make sure some pratical things are clear, like if you own a company adn only you know where to find what information or how to acces certain accounts etc etc. With PSILY you can make sure that all important information is delivered even when you get into a situation where there is no time left to tell it in real life.


Be a part of the future while you passed away

With PSILY you can be a part of the future while you are no longer around. You can buy gifts in the system dashboard and these will be delivered at the date or occasion you set. You can deliver a message at your kids wedding are when a child is being born. Find out how its possible by clicking here.




When the end is approaching a lot of people chose to go to a Hospice fro their final weeks. Most hospices are a very nice place were patients can take their rest and share their last day’s with the people the love and who are valuable to them. Every person that have ever witnessed somebody in their final stage will agree that conversations change. Things that seemed important during a daily routine are not important anymore. In a hospice people look back on their life and evaluate. The feedback that PSILY received in the past is that in this time of rest people like to correct the things that went wrong in life as much as possible. This is not always easy. Sometimes there is no time left or  a person doesn’t want to communicate anymore etc. This is when PSILY becomes an outcome. Create an account and start recording messages and PSILY will make sure they end up at the right person after you passed away.

Passing away while you have young kids

Life is not fair, many people have to leave while they have young children. During this time in a hospice you realize more and more that there are a lot of important moments to come in your children’s life where you are not going to be around to give advise or to tell them how happy you are for them. With PSILY you have the opportunity to be a part of the important moments of you kids life even if you are no longer around. In a hospice during the day there usually is a lot of time. Use that time to record messages for your children for important occasions in the future. Think of their wedding or the first time they become a parent etc..

Do you want to know how PSILY knows when these specific occasions take place click here.

Send gifts with PSILY

When you login to your account you see that there is a shop integrated in the system. From now on your Gifts delivered after you passed away. Costumers buy a gift in the shop and they determine when they want these gifts to be delivered after they passed away. When a costumer  knows that they will not be able to be present at their daughters or sons wedding, they can make sure that flowers will be delivered. Have the system send a nice gift for a baby that will be born after you are no longer with us. With PSILY you have the option to make a beautiful event a bit more beautiful.


At this stage only a few products are visual in the shop  when a costumer send gifts with PSILY, we will expand our products over the next year. If a costumers has any suggestions or is searching for a particular product please contact PSILY and we will see if we can help.

If a date is not known for the occasion you are buying a gift for, the system will find out this date in the future by contacting your trusted buddy or the person who the date is for if contact information is available. PSILY will make sure in any way possible that the gift will be delivered at the agreed moment. Gifts delivered after you passed away


Message with the gift

Of course it is possible to enter a message that a costumer wants to add to the gift that is being send. During the process of buying a gift in the shop you can add a message and PSILY will make sure the message gets delivered together with the gift.

P.S. I Love You

Who did not see the movie P.S. I Love You? A beautiful emotional romantic movie regarding love, death and saying good bye. PSILY is a system based on this beautiful movie P.S. I Love You. Leave messages behind for the people you love and set a date or occasion when they must be delivered. Are your children still to young to realize whats happening, with PSILY u can explain yourself what your vision about life and how you would deal with certain situations.

Video Messages

Record unlimited video messages and determine when you, as a costumer want the system to deliver them to the specified person you love. You just set a date or occasion in the system and the system will do the rest if your account is activated. Is recording video messages not the way you want to communicate than just write letters and add pictures.

Specific occasion

When a date for a specific occasion is not clear yet (for example the wedding date of a child that is only 8 years old today), as a costumer you just set this occasion. Your trusted buddies will enter the contact details of this child later in life when these are available. The system will remind them over the years just to make sure the system receives this information once it is available. You can find out more about our system if you click here.


Send gifts

With P.S. I Love you a costumer can send gifts to a loved one after he or she passed away. It is possible to go to the shop in the system dashboard and buy a gift that will be delivered in the future on a specified date or occasion. This way it is possible for costumers of PSILY to be present ion a certain way on the wedding of their children while they know they will no longer be around by the time this occasion happens.

With PSILY you can also plan your funeral. Record what you want in a video message or write down how you see your funeral and make sure this is the first message that gets delivered to one of your trustees.